Richy Happy Bar - Bohemian Art Caffe in Prague Richy Happy Bar - Bohemian Art Caffe in Prague

About us

You are welcome to Richy Happy Bar

A paradise of happiness and art
We welcome you all to come party
And enjoy also our artistic drinks
Here we love to merry and paint
We love to keep our atmosphere
warm and welcoming

Richy Happy Bar
Is a bar built and design
From the heart
Here we offer all kinds of
Good art entertainment
Art drinks
Art cocktails
Art work exhibitions

You can organize your party with us
Such as birthday parties, school parties,
Wedding parties, exhibitions of all kinds ,music concert ,
Products conferences, meet up meeting,
Painting and merryment is our best specialities

We are also dog friendly
And socially friendly
And artistic sensitive cos
Happiness is our original goal and principle

So come be part of our fun and artistic atmosphere

You are all welcome